Crypto Wallets are live now!

Team Contact

Charlie Rexstrew

Head of Trading

We’re always improving bOS, trying to make everyday financial and operational tasks easier for our customers. Today, we’re making a serious leap into the world of cryptocurrency. We’re excited to introduce the new Crypto Wallet Service! The new service is enhancing bOS’s capabilities to improve user experience and meet the changing needs of our customers. Within Crypto Wallets users can store, withdraw and deposit their crypto coins with ease. As always, we were trying to bring our ABC –  Accessible, Best-in-class, and Convenient – in the new service to keep building bOS as a reliable partner for all businesses. 

Let’s have a look at what we are talking about!

Crypto Wallets – the huge leap for user experience

The main idea of the new service is to simplify how users manage their cryptocurrencies,  as well as unite conventional financial tools with pioneering crypto management. Now, they can deposit their cryptos, withdraw, keep and view a detailed transaction history – all in one place. We were dedicated to giving our users maximum control over their cryptocurrency assets and transactions, as well as establishing a smooth connection between their wallets and fiat operations. Within Wallets, users can operate with their USDT, USDC, Bitcoins and Ethereum coins. 

Multiple options for depositing crypto into the Crypto Wallet

We wanted to make the deposit process as simple as possible. Usually, there is only one way to deposit cryptocurrencies into a wallet – using crypto addresses. It takes at least 7 clicks (depending on the platform) to transfer crypto from one wallet to another.

We’ve developed one more way: depositing using QR codes. It makes the process easier and connects traditional and digital finance. Now, users can scan the QR code using another application’s camera and that’s it! Well, not exactly, so we prepared a step-by-step guide.

How to transfer crypto using QR codes:

Step 1. Scan the QR Code with Your Crypto App or Wallet

  • Open the app or wallet where you store your cryptocurrency.
  • Locate and select the ‘Send’ or ‘Transfer’ option depending on the wallet provider.
  • Choose the option to scan a QR code (this may appear as a camera or QR code icon).
  • Scan the QR code displayed on your bOS screen to scan it.

Step 2. Enter Amount

  • After scanning the QR code, your crypto app or wallet will recognize the destination address. Enter the amount of cryptocurrency you want to deposit.

Step 3. Confirm and Send

  • Review the details to ensure the address and amount are correct.
  • Confirm and send the transaction.

Transactions typically need a bit of time for blockchain confirmation. Once confirmed, the deposited amount will be reflected in your bOS crypto wallet.

As Florentinos Mela, Head of Product at bOS, puts it, “The most significant improvement in the upcoming bOS update is the seamless and secure crypto-wallet functionalities. This not only empowers our users but also sets the standard for what a next-generation financial platform should offer.” This statement shows how it matches bOS’s goal to help users and encourage innovation.

Improved Withdrawal Process

Previously, our customers had to request a withdrawal from their account managers. We knew this process wasn’t convenient and were eager to change it. 

Now, we’re transitioning towards a new paradigm where users can request crypto withdrawals directly from their accounts. This is not only a nod towards self-service but a commitment to providing swift responses and a user-friendly interface. So, now users can experience a quick, direct management of their crypto transactions, all while maintaining the high level of customer service and support they’ve come to expect from bOS.

Enhanced Transaction History

We know that monitoring transactions is essential for managing finances. That’s why we designed a comprehensive history of all customers’ crypto transactions right within the bOS platform. Users are now able to see both deposits and withdrawals. It also has a detailed record of withdrawal requests, making each transaction clear and accountable. We wanted to ensure that our users can easily keep track of records. We hope the feature will help users get a better grasp of their crypto dealings. 

Crypto service without security features? No!

Understanding the need for protection tools for crypto assets led us to develop important features of security. We added alerts, which are acting like a safety net, reminding users about the best ways to keep their cryptocurrency secure. This helps them take steps to prevent unauthorised access and fraud. Also, we enhanced our security protocol,  making transactions safer, and providing a safe medium to manage finances. Today we are completely sure our customers can trust that strong security measures protect their assets and sensitive data, reducing the chance of unauthorised access and potential breaches. This trust applies to all their financial activities on bOS, whether they are making crypto payments, managing digital assets, or doing other financial tasks.

What guided us when we developed a new service?

For all of the uQualify team of crypto enthusiasts, the new service of Crypto Wallets is a big step forward. We believe that crypto is the future of finance, and we are dedicated to leading the way in financial technology, we heard our clients who asked us to enhance their experience with crypto operations within bOS. Florentinos Mela, Head of Product at uQualify, says: “I see this update as a pivotal moment in bOS’ journey, solidifying its position as a modern and versatile platform ready for the financial future. With our advancements, we’re not just adapting to the digital age, but actively shaping it.”

User Needs

We’re shaping bOS’s smooth and secure crypto transaction features asking our customers for their needs. We also had to match the changing financial industry. With Crypto Wallets, we now can offer our users a comprehensive platform that links traditional financial services with the fast world of cryptocurrencies. This service was designed with the desire to create an extremely convenient, versatile and user-friendly environment for crypto operations.

 Staying Ahead

We’re always working to make our platform better because we’re committed to innovation and focused on our users. These updates are part of our ongoing effort to make financial solutions easy, handy, and tailored to our users’ needs. We ensure that bOS remains a valuable tool, empowering our users in the ever-evolving financial landscape. It’s all about U, and we’re here to provide a platform that meets your needs in this changing financial world.

Expectations and Future Plans

With the new crypto feature, we aim to see more users, drawn by the simple crypto transactions with the new wallets. Our focus on user-centric solutions aligns with our vision of being Accessible, Best in Class, and Convenient. As Alexandros Vacanas, our Chief Strategy Officer, explains, “Our company vision and our user value proposition is to be Accessible, Best in Class and Convenient, and bOS is our strongest medium through which we materialise and deliver this. With the latest updates, we are providing users with access to even more financial features and services that build on top of an existing business ecosystem. This is just another step of an ongoing journey as the evolution of bOS will be continuous, addressing the needs and business goals of our users through time. Our focus is always user-centric, therefore our users should expect simple, convenient and bespoke solutions that fulfil their needs.”

These updates mark another step in our ongoing journey, as the evolution of bOS remains continuous. In the future, we expect more user activity and a larger user base, thanks to the easy-to-use, flexible, and secure crypto wallets. We plan to add more wallet features, support more cryptocurrencies, and improve bOS integrations. We’re committed to ensuring our users always find our solutions easy to use, handy, and tailored to their evolving financial needs.