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Currency Exchange

A Global operation, with a local service feel. Unlock global markets with ease – access hundreds of currencies via one simple application

A Global operation, with a local service feel


0currencies you can pay in locally
0currencies you can pay in globally

Effortlessly pay and receive funds globally with our fully integrated payment solution. Our integrated payments solution enables seamless and secure global transactions in over 100 currencies.

Our accessible and best-in-class solution always enables businesses to easily pay and get paid across borders, without the complexity and costs associated with traditional banking methods.

Find a simple way to collect funds globally


‘’Benefit from competitive pricing, flexible terms, and fast, secure payment processing. uQualify’s CX platform makes the collection and conversion of FIAT currency simpler, more convenient, and more accessible than ever before.’’

By pricing and accepting payments in the currency that your clients prefer, you can gain a competitive advantage and improve customer satisfaction.

Easily track and manage your collected funds online through our platform. With uQualify, you can repatriate funds at competitive foreign exchange rates and make fast, secure payments with confidence.

With uQualify, you can access our comprehensive range of FX, financing, and payment solutions to effectively manage your finances and drive growth for your business.

Our dedicated Trade Management team will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and tailor our solutions to meet your specific requirements.

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By applying through uQualify, you can access not only our top-notch Currency exchange platform but also our range of financial services such as Online Card Payments, Banking as a service, Virtual Currencies, and Pre-Paid Card Scheme – all through a single application. This unique offering provides you with greater access to a comprehensive suite of best-in-class financial services.