Protecting Canadian Crypto Businesses: uQualify’s Supportive Solution

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The cryptocurrency market has experienced significant alterations throughout its history, often influenced by the regulatory environment and evolving market trends. Binance, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, recently announced its withdrawal from the Canadian market, citing new guidance from Fintract as the primary reason.

Cryptocurrency exchanges operate within a complex regulatory landscape. In February, the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) introduced new rules requiring enhanced asset protection for Canadian clients and registration with Canadian regulators. Additionally, exchanges were prohibited from offering margin, credit, or leverage services. These measures aimed to safeguard investors and ensure the responsible operation of exchanges. However, they also presented complex compliance challenges for exchanges like Binance.

Binance’s decision to withdraw from Canada echoes the similar moves made by OKX and Paxos earlier this year. The new guidance posed difficulties for exchanges in terms of compliance costs, operational limitations, and the need for significant regulatory adjustments. Binance, along with other exchanges, expressed concerns about the feasibility of the Canadian market under these stringent regulations, ultimately leading to their exit.

To mitigate these regulatory risks, as well as explore growth opportunities, businesses in the Canadian cryptocurrency sector have considered various strategies, including:

  1. Partnering with Regulatory-Compliant Service Providers: Collaborating with liquidity providers, banking institutions, and compliance service providers can ensure adherence to regulatory requirements. Such partnerships enable seamless conversion of cryptocurrency to fiat and provide necessary compliance frameworks.
  2. Ensuring Robust Regulatory Setup: A comprehensive regulatory framework is crucial for businesses. It encompasses anti-money laundering protocols, risk assessment tools, compliance monitoring plans, and training procedures. By establishing strong regulatory foundations, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to responsible operations.
  3. Expanding into New Territories: Businesses have figured out that the easiest and most streamlined strategy to overcome regulatory risks, which also allows them tocan spread their wings into new jurisdictions and markets, is to obtain a license in another Territory. with favourable regulatory environments. One such option is  to obtain a license in the Czech republic, and is examined in more detail below.

To assist businesses in addressing regulatory challenges and operating securely, uQualify offers Crypto in a Box, a comprehensive solution tailored specifically to the cryptocurrency industry. This all-in-one package includes the following services:

  • Incorporation of a group holding company in Cyprus;
  • Incorporation of a subsidiary company in the Czech Republic;
  • Preparation of all AML documentation and manuals;
  • Opening of bank accounts for the two newly created entities;
  • Obtaining a Czech Crypto Asset Service Provider (CASP) license;
  • Arranging access to liquidity provider agreements;

By leveraging the benefits of Cyprus as an EU member state known for lenient banking regulations and tax optimisation opportunities, and the Czech Republic’s favourable regulatory framework, uQualify’s Crypto in a Box empowers businesses to achieve operational ease, tax optimisation and expansion opportunities in a streamlined and efficient manner.

The exit of Binance and other cryptocurrency exchanges from the Canadian market highlights the challenges faced by businesses in complying with evolving regulations. However, it also emphasises the importance of adaptability and strategic planning. By embracing regulatory changes, exploring new territories, and leveraging uQualify’s unique offering, Crypto in a Box, businesses can not only navigate the regulatory landscape effectively but also drive growth and enhance their resilience in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency markets. With uQualify as a trusted partner, businesses can confidently establish a secure and compliant framework for their crypto business, focusing on growth while leaving the regulatory complexities to the experts.