Keep your customers happy

U x Service Provider

uQualify can offer financial service providers a platform to reach a wider audience, increase their customer base, and streamline their application process. Not only this, as a service provider you clients could have access to a wider range of services and features outside your provision, meaning U have happier, more loyal customers.

Evolve your business today

Give your clients more

By partnering with uQualify, financial service providers can benefit from exposure to a diverse range of businesses and individuals looking for financial solutions, while also reducing the time and resources required to process multiple applications.

uQualify’s matching algorithm ensures that financial service providers are only presented with qualified leads that match your acceptable use policy, maximising the chances of conversion and minimising wasted efforts.


uQualify’s bOS system gives providers exclusive access to relevant applications. Our algorithm generates success scores to quickly identify viable candidates, saving valuable time and money.


Through the bOS(™) solution, service providers can save valuable time and resources by streamlining their compliance processes. Additionally, by offering a broader range of services available through uQualify, providers can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

More services, more reasons to stay loyal

Keep More Clinets

The average business requires a minimum of 6 services to operate their day to day activities.

As such, by partnering with uQualify your clients can instantly access a growing set of software services saving them time and money, as well as other financial services you, as our partner, can not offer.

Research suggests that customers tend to be more loyal to a company if they use multiple services. This is because it creates a sense of convenience and efficiency for the customer. In addition, it is more difficult for customers to switch to a competitor, as they would need to find alternative providers for all the services they use.

The data doesn’t lie

Why Partner

87% of clients will stay with the business if they receive two order more services (accenture)

Customers using multiple services from a company are 4x more likely to refer others, according to a Harvard Business Review study.

Accenture survey: 57% of customers are more loyal to companies that provide personalized and relevant products/services across multiple channels.

Accenture survey: 76% of customers expect companies to understand their needs and 81% are more likely to do business with a company that demonstrates understanding.

Multi-channel engagement leads to 4.5x higher loyalty and recommendation rates, according to a Salesforce study.

These statistics suggest that offering multiple services and engaging with customers across multiple channels can increase customer loyalty and advocacy. Enjoy all the benefits associated with working with uQualify and our market leading bOS system by applying today to become a Service Provider.